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Join the New Jersey Cybersecurity Regional Cluster (NJCRC) to protect and grow your business! 

Join the NJCRC Network to transform your business!

Funded in part by the Small Business Administration (SBA), this initiative helps businesses take advantage of assessments, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Free Cybersecurity Assessments and Planning for Small Businesses

With cybersecurity threats growing daily, it's a necessity for every business to understand how to protect its confidential data. Our experts will help your small business, regardless of industry, identify potential risks and learn to mitigate them.


From learning to securely manage a remote/hybrid workplace to training employees on ways to protect themselves and the company, this free assessment will enable you to take steps to ensure your business is prepared.​

Learn the essential tools needed to scale your business from industry experts. This program provides mentoring, training, expert feedback on your sales pitch, and networking opportunities to help take your business to the next level. To qualify for this free program, your small business must:

  • Be women-, minority-, or veteran-owned.

  • Be registered and operating in New Jersey.

  • Be an IT or Cybersecurity business.

  • Have two or more employees.

  • Have revenues greater than $500k.

Free Information Technology and Cybersecurity Business Accelerator


A message from Randal D. Pinkett, PhD, MBA, Managing Partner at BCT Partners


Assessments to reduce cybersecurity threats

Tailored coaching and mentoring

Networking with like-minded businesses

Introductions to capital resources

Enhanced opportunities for scalability

Exposure to cutting-edge innovation

Program Organizers and Partners

Who can apply?

Coming Soon! Access to Capital and Ecosystem Capacity Building!

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